The Oblivion crisis is over, but now new enemies have come to Cyrodiil, and new heroes must rise to stop them.

The Heartlands

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The Imperial City

The sprawling capital of Cyrodiil: The Imperial City. It lies on a large island in the middle of Lake Rumare, and is accessible by foot or mount by crossing the western bridge off Red Ring Road, and is accessible by ship as well.

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Valen Vandree On the Waterfront
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The Heartlands are a roughly crescent-shaped region, the bulk of which is east and northeast of the Imperial City. The City Isle and the Waterfront are cradled by this region and it nearly stretches all the way around them. It butts into the Great Forest near Fort Homestead. The region is one of the more mild and pastoral in the country. Thick waving meadows grow on gently rolling hills, and a few scattered stands of broad leaf trees can be found clustered around gray stone outcroppings. All of the Cyrodiil's roads (with the exception of the Orange) meet in the Heartlands, joining the Red Ring Road like spokes in a wheel. Clockwise from the north, they are the Silver, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, and Black.


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