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    Character Sheet

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    Character Sheet

    Post  Valen Vandree on Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:19 pm

    Right, building your character sheet is vitally important. Everything must be filled in fully. I would advise not making your character sheet too complicated, but there are several different headings you should take into account.

    The most important of these are:

    Name: This is where you put your character’s name (self-explanatory, I know.)

    Race: This is where you put your char’s race. (again, duh…)

    Age: This is where you put your character age. IMPORTANT NOTE: If your char has a ridiculously high age (e.g. an elf…) I would advise adding what age they appear to be, otherwise people will think your char is the King of Wrinkle-town. Also, ages any larger than 400 (already massively high!) are just being silly.

    Birthsign: Add a birthsign. (for the love of god, don’t make up your own…)


    If for any of these categories you would have put ‘Unknown’ it is not too late to change your ways! Understand that that is the height of stupidity. Your character sheet is not for other people’s characters. It is for other people, and for you, so that they know who they are dealing with. Putting ridiculously vague stuff on there is redundant.

    Whether or not your char, or anyone else, doesn’t know your char’s age, the players all should. If there is a particular reason you are withholding such information, then only put what they appear to be, and perhaps reveal their actual age at a later date.

    Your character should know his name, or at least have a given one, and if he can’t work out his race or birthsign, I’ll be amazed, on account of all the bonuses and the distinctive appearances. As for their gender… I don’t even want to get into that.

    Continuing on, the other essential categories are:

    Class: These can be custom, but if you call it Ninja, then you don’t deserve to RP. End of story. A nice add on for Class is Class Description, which allows a nice bit of background for your class and fleshes out your sheet.

    If your character does not fit a particular class, I would suggest either putting a multiple class that covers it, (scholar/thief) making up your own, or else substituting class entirely with class description, to give an idea of what they are capable of. (You know, writing what they are good at and their style of fighting.working...) Also, past professions might be a good choice- Ex-Soldier, that sort of thing. Or even their occupation or hobby- Artist or Maid.

    Skills: Keep it reasonable. Certainly no more than seven skills from the oblivion set. There was a reason they only allowed you so many skill slots. And that reason is BALANCE. Too many skills make you too powerful.

    Also, I wouldn’t take skills from all three different specialisations (Combat, Stealth, Magic for those who knows…), because it seems unlikely that someone would be able to study all three easily. Also, there are skills, normal, everyday sort of skills, other than those you find in the games. Perhaps substitute one or two from the game with these, or add one or two onto the end. But it has to fit the class.

    Spells: This goes in hand with your skills for the most part. This is where you list all of the spells that your character knows. Don't go overboard, keep your spells on a reasonable level. IF this works then I won't have to do a whole lot of work.

    Loyalty: This is pretty straightforward, this is where you will tell us what guild or faction your character is loyal to. Your character can only be loyal to one guild or faction.

    Faith: This is related to your characters loyalty. Here you will tell us what god, or deadra your character worships. If your character does not, then please in form us of it.

    General Appearance: As in, what your char looks like. Put it all in (not clothing, but physical appearance) Other categories such as Height, Build, Eyes, Skin and Hair Colour help flesh out the appearance and make your char sheet easier to navigate, but they should not stand alone. General Appearance is the biggie.

    Clothing/Armour: Don’t be unrealistic with this, and once again, feel free to go into detail. Detail is good. Everybody likes detail. Detail detail detail… (Please note that when you begin you shouldn't have anything more powerful than steel.)

    Weapons: Right, don’t go too powerful with these, or someone will skin you alive. Legendary items are, as a general rule, off-limits, or they are if you’re with anyone sensible. Also, the itty bitty bosmer mage cannot wield the massive warhammer. It would probably rip his arms off to try.

    Items: Here you post a list of the items your character is carrying. Potions and other non-combat things should be listed here.

    Biography/History: Your character’s history. No heroes of Kvatch or Nerevarines here if it can be helped, mm’kay? These aren’t necessary, but they are nice. Don’t right essays for them, just give the basic overview.

    Personality; This is a biggie, this where you post your character's overall personality, often occouring emotions racisms, sexisms, and overall preferences about life. What makes him feel joy, or anguish. This should be fairly in-depth.

    IMPORTANT: Keep your char sheet updated as time moves on! And also, don’t deviate from it. Whatever you write, that’s how your character is. If you RP it differently, then you essentially lied to a whole thread of people, and also proved yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt a bad RPer.










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