The Oblivion crisis is over, but now new enemies have come to Cyrodiil, and new heroes must rise to stop them.

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    Valen Vandree

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    Here is my character bio, so you can have an example, and so you can get familiar with Valen Vandree.

    Valen Vandree



    The Warrior


    Light Armor
    Hand to Hand

    Ice Bolt
    Major Heal

    Imperial Legion


    General Appearance:
    Valen is not a large man, standing only 5’10”, with a slim frame. Valen is very strong though, due to years of combat training, muscles ripple under his compact figure, which is devoid of fat. His skin is rather pale, despite years in the sun. His hair is brown, straight, and it reaches just above his neck. He is a very attractive man, to most people.

    When dressed formally, or when he goes in town, he wears decorative clothes. A blue or white tunic, wide black pants, secured by a wide belt with a pure silver buckle, and black felt boots.

    When traveling Valen wears a reinforced leather armor set, colored a very light brown. It is standard issue for Spellswords, who can shield themselves with magic, and need to move around the battlefield quickly.

    Valen's most used weapon, and his favorite possession is his enchanted Ebony longsword Shadowmancer, which is enchanted to be unnaturally strong and sharp. It was his inheritance from when his parents were killed.

    Valen was born to Vincent and Sylven Vandree, and Imperial Soldier and a housewife. He loved his parents very much, and grew up well and was educated accordingly. He dreamed of being an Imperial Soldier like his father, but they both wanted more for him.

    When he was ten his father retired and the family moved permanently to the Talos Plaza in the Imperial City. They were a happy family, and they stayed that way for six years. Then one day his parents took a trip to Cheydinhal, and were killed by a group of bandits on the way.

    When Valen found out he was crushed. He was given his family's possessions, including his father's sword and the house they lived in, but the house he did not want at the moment, the sword, was different. He sold the house and used the money to pay for training, both magical and combat training. He knew he wasn't strong enough to be a regular infantry soldier, the army always needed Spellswords though.

    For five years he trained constantly, building his muscle and his magical ability. Finally he left his teacher to join the Legion. He was accepted without any questions, because of his father's history and his skill set. He was sent to Morrowind to help control the locals.

    The first two years were the hardest, and Morrowind was not a great place for Imperials. It was a constant battle, and he lost several men there, but his own prowess kept him moving through the ranks, until he became a general, after two years.

    He was then shipped to Skyrim, in charge of a force that was made to put down to rebellious locals. The Nords were even more vicious foes, but they were not very magically inclined, so he was able to dispatch them well. He continued to fight his way until his unit had finished of most of Skyrim's rebels. He was in Skyrim for 4 years.

    Then he was reassigned during the Oblivion Crisis, and he was among the men who fought for Bruma and the Imperial City. After Dagon was finished he was assigned to help rebuild the remains of the legion. He has been in Cyrodiil since, recruiting and helping to clear the remains of the Daedra.

    Valen is a pretty outgoing person, charming when he wants to be, and very friendly to almost everyone. He is generally a humorous person, and is no stranger to The Surrille Borthers. He is absolutely vicious and ruthless in combat, and is often referred to as being in a drunken rage when fighting, though he is quite graceful actually.

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