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    Sinifay Baenlin

    Sinifay Baenlin

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    Sinifay Baenlin

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    Sinifay Baenlin

    Dunmer/Dark Elf

    Appears To Be:

    The Thief

    Witch Hunter


    Light Armor

    Ice Bolt- Fires a bolt of ice, which can impale or freeze the target

    Ghostwalk- Turns user invisible for a full minute

    Mages Guild


    General Appearance:

    Sinifay is strikingly beautiful, though some may find it hard to look past her heritage. Despite the fact of her beauty she has often been looked down upon by her Elven cousins, the Altmer, and sometimes the Bosmer and humans as well. Those who have looked past her race though, can agree that there lies something beyond her beauty, something in her eyes, something that is frightening. Her eyes are the red color of normal Dunmer yes, but it is something else, something deep in the iridescence or her iris. It is a look that most would think of as insanity.

    In the city Sinifay wears a simple but beautiful sleeveless white dress, it is long enough to pass her knees, but only by about an inch. She wears felt boots along with the dress, and she always has a jeweled amulet around her neck. In colder weather she adds a grey fur trim cloak to her outfit, held together by a gold brooch. She is fairly well off, people do pay a lot to get rid of vampires and other such menaces.


    When out in the wilderness Sinifay wears a set of custom made leather armor, it is brown and extremely light, lighter than any other leather armor around. She paid for it to be this way. Despite the fact that it is custom made, it is very indistinctive, it looks just like regular leather armor.


    Besides her arsenal of spells she has an Elven bow, complete with a set of glass arrows.


    Sinifay carries a canteen, a few scrolls, a few potions, a map, and a compass.


    Sinifay was raised on an estate just outside Leyawiin; her parents were two very minor nobles with a mansion and a small plantation run by Argonian slaves. She grew up well, and though she was treated like a lady around the house she often went out into the forests around the plantation and played. One day she met a ranger on a journey to the forest. He was badly wounded, a bear had attacked him while he was sleeping, and he had barely escaped. She brought him back to her mansion, and a doctor from town came to examine the wounds.

    The ranger was treated with potions, and soon her parents said it was about time he left. They were noble people, and they were very afraid of this ranger, but he left. Sina Fae tracked him down. She told him that she wanted to learn how to be a ranger, so over the next few months she came to his encampment every day, and he taught her how to track, hunt, shoot, and many other survival skills. She embraced the skills, and learned quickly.

    After a few months the ranger had to move on, and because she was his apprentice, and because he had come to love the child, he gave her his best bow, an Elven bow, and a set of 20 glass arrows. After he had given the gift he went on his way. She went on hers, back to her parents estate.

    When she got there she almost screamed; the estate was in ruins. There were dead bodies of Argonian slaves strewn about the lawn, and the house was on fire, though she had no idea how. She went in to the house and saw her dad lying dead on the floor; her mother was next to him, dying. Sinifay asked what happened, but all her mother said was run. Then she died, and when her head lolled to the side Sinifay saw two bite marks on the nape of her neck. She screamed then.

    She turned around and about twenty yards from her, across the room, was a vampire. He was of her own kind, but his red eyes had gathered a look of madness, his clothes were ripped and torn in several places, and his teeth were about twice as long as they should have been. She strung the bow on her back, and all the worries flooded in her mind. What if I miss? What if it doesn’t kill him? When he lunged at her the questions left her mind.

    She quickly aimed, and let go. The scene seemed to unfold in slow motion, as the arrow went hurtling across the room, and it pierced the vampire right in the heart. The creature fell over, quite dead.

    She gathered a few of her belongings and left the estate, heading in to Leyawiin. She headed towards the mages guild and joined, and began training with spells. She knew what she was destined to do now, she would become a vampire hunter, and she would help the families of those who lost people to these foul creatures. This was her life.


    Sinifay is surprisingly light hearted for one with her past, though she does go through spells of depression and other things of that sort. She is very good at making friends, as she is an excellent talker, and once she has made a friend she is fiercely loyal. She is also a dedicated mage, and the Mages of the Guild trust her well. When it comes to vampires and Lycanthropes, she is absolutely ruthless and merciless, she will stop at nothing to destroy them.

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