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    Autumn Palora

    Autumn Palora

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    Autumn Palora

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    Autumn Palor


    Appears to Be:

    The Lover


    Light Armor

    Summon Dremora Lord
    Bound Dagger
    Heal Major Wounds
    Fire Bolt
    Major Shield

    The Mages Guild


    General Appearance:
    Autumn is attractive, more so than most of her Elven cousins. She is the normal height for a Bosmer, and she is used to people looking down on her. Her hair is a coppery brown, and her eyes are the same color. She is slim like most elves, though she does have the curves that define a womans body. She often wears rather revealing clothes, though nothing too revealing, she does have pride after all.

    She often wears a skirt that goes down to her mid thigh, and a shirt that extends to her belly button. She is very vain about her appearance, and likes to show off her attractiveness.

    When in battle she wears specially modified glass armor, again to show off her body. Though some think is quite foolish, her shield spell makes up for her lack of full armor. This helps her as well though, since male enemies can become quite distracted by her.

    She normally just uses her bound dagger and spells to defend herself, but if she runs out of magical energy she uses an enchanted ebony dagger that can paralyze enemies.

    She rarely leaves the Arcane College, but when she does she carries a few Potions of Healing and Sorcery in her pack, along with a change of clothes and food.

    Autumn was born in Chorrol, to a very, very wealthy family. She grew up being pampered by her parents servants, and she never really learned any of the important skills she would need later. This treatment continued until she was in her twenties.

    Around her twenty third year she met a man in the wilderness around Chorrol. She had gone out to find a place to relax, and when she found a small clearing she sat down and began to read. A few minutes later she was attacked by goblins. She thought she was doomed, and she would have been if not for a young farmer named Jadyn. He heard her scream and came running to the clearing, and he managed to kill enough of the goblins to scare the rest off.

    He offered to walk her back to town, and she agreed. Along the way they talked, and when they got to Chorrol, she asked if she would see him again. He told her to meet her under the Great Oak in three days. She did, and they continued to meet there every week, when he made his trips into town.

    Over time the two of them fell deeper and deeper in love with each other. Jadyn proposed a few months after their first meeting, Autumn accepted, happy that she was going to be married to the man she loved. Her parents did not agree however.

    They were furious when she said she was marrying a farmer, and they told her if she didn't call off the marriage they would disown her. She refused to call it off, so they kept their word. She left to live with Jadyn, and they were happy for four years. Then, one day when Jadyn was traveling he was killed by bandits.

    Autumn was devastated, and when she had ran out of money she had no idea what to do. She had never learned any useful skills; she was a lost person in a huge place. She left the farm and traveled back to Chorrol, hoping for her parents help, they refused, still keeping their word.

    As a last attempt to survive she joined the local Mage's Guild. At first it was just an attempt to survive, but then she began to train in the art of Magic, and she discovered a natural talent she had for it. She began to train more and more, advancing in rank in the Guild, soon the guild became her life, it was all she had left.

    Autumn is very determined in pretty much every aspect, and she is generally pretty loyal as well, but she has been known to use people before, so it's hard to know is she's actually trustworthy. Most the time she really is, but it's a very fragile trust she gives, she has lost too much to trust easily.
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    What rank in the Mage's Guil do you want?
    Autumn Palora

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    The highest you'll give me, lol, I'd like to get a good position while I can.

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