The Oblivion crisis is over, but now new enemies have come to Cyrodiil, and new heroes must rise to stop them.

    On the Waterfront

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    On the Waterfront

    Post  Valen Vandree on Sun Jun 28, 2009 5:49 am

    Valen sat on the beach, looking out in to Lake Rumare. The Waterfront had always been a place where he had been able to relax, and now that the Oblivion Crisis was over relaxing seemed to come alot easier. He had fought on the front lines against the Daedra, he had helped to defend the Imperial City, but he hadn't been able to save it from losing it's splendor, and now the Dragonfires were dark, the Emperor's last son frozen at the Temple of the One. Not even the Hero of Kvatch had been able to stop Mehrunes Dagon from taking that away, and now the Hero of Kvatch was long gone, drifted off in to legend. He had probably settled down, maybe started a family; to tell the truth Valen was surprised he didn't take the throne, the Hero had been more than able, and he had been ambitious as well, but he had just disappeared after Mehrunes was defeated.

    Valen looked up, none of that mattered now, the Empire was in trouble in the moment. The Legion was nearly torn apart, and he was one of the people tasked to rebuild it. This was not an easy task, and it would probably take the rest of his life. He didn't like thinking that his life was already planned ahead of him, but it probably was. He might be one of the people to fight against Morrowind and Skyrim, if they decided to attack Cyrodiil. At the moment though, the Legion was all he needed to worry about.

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