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    Guide to a Better Post

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    Guide to a Better Post

    Post  Valen Vandree on Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:43 pm

    Okay, I know there are plenty or RPer's who have RPed longer, and have more experience at it than me, but it's kind of hard not to notice that some people just aren't meant to RP, while others put loads of effort in and stick to the rules but still manage to fluff it up. Anyway, I just have a few tips to share that may make RPing a little easier, and more enjoyable for everyone.

    The post in itself
    1. The most dull posts to read are the ones that are about 2 lines long. They have no feeling, and no heart. They also make the post count in the RP go up quicker, which makes the amount of pages larger, and so people who have been away will come back to find about 8 pages have been added. So you loose a character, who may or may not come back in the next thread.

    2. Really, ridiculously long posts are good, you can tell the writer has thought about what they are writing, and that they care about the RP enough to write that much. However it is slightly off putting to see a huge chunk of text, so other members of the RP may just skim read, and not take in what the writer has taken so much trouble to write. However, saying this, there are RPers who really care about the story, who will read the post and fully understand what it is about.

    3. Spelling and grammar are obviously important factors, everyone really hates seeing posts with multiple spelling mistakes, and little care about the punctuation used. It shows the writer was obviously in a hurry, or was just not paying their full attention to what they were typing. And that they obviously do not sem to care about the RP.

    The content of the post

    1. The flattest posts are again the short ones. The make you're character seem flat, and have no depth.

    2. When posting you could try to consider:
    - What is the character doing at the time of posting? If they are nervous, are they biting their lip.....etc...
    - What feelings is the character having? Dont just say: "I am ready for battle" said John. Your character is a person, they have feelings and emotions, so it might be more like: "I am ready for battle!" John said hiding the nervousness in his voice with determination.
    - Describe how they are doing something, not just what they are doing. Having said that, don't go overboard on descriptive words, it can make the post sound silly. e.g. Instead of: Bob walked over and picked up his boots. you can make it sound slightly more interesting by putting As Bob walked over to his boots, he felt the weight of tomorrows battle upon him.....
    - Since the average character in an RP is not a baby, they must have had past eperiences. So, does your character see something, or hear something that triggers a memory? Giving your character a past makes them more alive and more real. However, over dramatic pasts can get annoying.

    3. When adding a romantic side to your character it really should not be: 'Bob looked at Bella and wanted to bang her'. This is boring and just gross to put, it may be like that in real life for some poeople but not in an RP. An alternative could be: Bob saw Bella and was captivated by her eyes, and her body, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen... and he wanted to bang her.

    4. The best way to go about posting, is to really put yourself in your characters postion. And think how you would feel and deal with the situation. It is a difficult skill to learn, but once you can use it, you can really believe your character is a real person, and hopefully convince others they are too.

    5. When posting mention other charaters in the RP. For example if your character is having a conversation with someone, talk about the other persons expression, what can your character see in their face? This makes it really real, as in reality when we converse with other people. we take in every muscle movement on their face to see if they agree, disagree with what we are saying, if they are feeling happy sad... etc...

    The Posters themselves

    1. I find that most RPs, require no uber characters. But it is not actually the uberness of the character that is the problem, it is the attitude of the poster.

    Just because you can read other characters thoughts and feelings it doesn't mean your character can! It is unrealistic, and really annoys other members of an RP. You and your character are separate people, So remember that you can see what other characters are doing and feeling, but your character can not!

    This also applies to actions that are out of sight of your character. For example if someone in the RP is in a different town to you, and they are making a drink and putting posion in it, you cannot go and warn the character that is going to be poisoned, becasue your character does not know that:. with exception to the Dumb-Shits who role-play Naruto characters.

    2. Another aspect that really annoys people, is characters who think they can do everything. Just because it is possible to cheat, and gain a full set of daedric armour and all that jazz in the actual game, if it was real life you wouldn't be able to. Just because it is easy to push a daedra of a bridge from the top of a tower and kill him, then go down and steal his armour, it is highly unlikely they would be such a push over if they were real.

    3. Again, empathise into your characters situation. What would they realistically be able to do? If you imagine you are them can you read other characters minds? No. Can you detect what characters a good 3 or 4 miles away from you are doing? No. Adding realism to your character just makes the RP nicer to read, and much more believable.


    I think that's about it. I hope that if you have taken the time to read this it benefits you, or if you think it's a load of poo, just say so. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just wrote this in the hope that it would help someone, but hopefully more than just one person. Thanks for your time if you read it.

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