The Oblivion crisis is over, but now new enemies have come to Cyrodiil, and new heroes must rise to stop them.

    Cyrodiil: The Next Age Storyline

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    Cyrodiil: The Next Age Storyline

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    The Oblivion Crisis is over, but the signs of the struggle are still visible. With Martin frozen in stone at The Temple of the One the Dragonfires remain dark, and it seems they may remain that way for a long time. All the priests of Akatosh are attempting to contact the Nine for a decision on the bloodline, but progress is slow. The threat from Oblivion may be over, but with the Dragonfires dark and no Emperor on the throne other threats are arising.

    Skyrim and Morrowind were secretly gathering arms and soldiers and planning an all out war with Cyrodiil, and now that the Oblivion Crisis is over, and the Empire is weak, they have declared war on the Imperial Province. With the Imperial Legion still in the process of repair, the threat from the outlying Provinces is very real indeed.

    The other Daedra are also opening their own doors to Cyrodiil, some peacefully, others violently. The Mages Guild and the Priests of Cyrodiil are trying to keep the Daedra at bay, but it is much easier said than done, and it seems there might be another Oblivion Crisis, with different Daedra Princes.

    The Guilds are also having troubles. The Mages and Fighters Guild both lost most of their members at the battles against Oblivion, and though a new Archmage and Master have been found, it will take a long time to restore the guilds to their glory. The more nefarious guilds, notably The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild, have lost members as well. The Gray Fox is back, and a new Listener has been appointed, but time is against them, and it seems these guilds may fall out of existence.

    Indeed it seems Cyrodiil is in a state of disrepair, and if it hopes to be restored, new heroes must rise to do so.

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