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    Birth Signs

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    Birth Signs

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    The Apprentice Birthsign gives a character an increased amount of magickal endurance and energy, but makes them more susceptible to magickal attacks.

    The Atronach Birthsign gives a character a highly increased amount of magickal energy and the ability to absorb magickal energies on a minor level, but it for the most part halts Magicka regeneration.

    The Lady Birthsign gives a character increased magicka regeneration and endurance while in combat

    The Lord Birthsign gives the user a spell called “Blood of the North” it allows them to regenerate their bodies physically, allowing them to continue in battle if they have been wounded. It also gives them a minor weakness to fire magick.

    The Lover Birthsign allows the character to paralyze one of their opponents with a “kiss” once a day. This drains them and makes them very tired.

    The mage Birthsign increases a characters magicka by a small amount permanently with no drawbacks.

    The Ritual Birthsign allows a character two powerful spells. The first spell: a powerful healing spell that heals almost any wound. The second spell: a spell that turns the undead.

    The Serpent Birthsign gives the character a spell that instills a slow acting, but potent poison upon a foe. This poison will not kill, but it will effectively subdue a single enemy for a long time.

    The Shadow Birthsign allows a character to become invisible for a short period of time.

    The Steed Birthsign causes a character to become naturally faster and more agile. They can move and fight with much more grace and speed.

    The Thief Birthsign grants a character with Increased Speed, Agility, and Luck. Very Similar to the steed, with only one difference, these characters have more luck finding a lot of treasure.

    The Tower Birthsign grants a character a spell to unlock almost any lock.

    The Warrior Birthsign gives a character great strength and endurance. Characters with this Birthsign can carry more, hit harder, and run longer.

    Please remember that all Birthsigns with a spell or unique ability that is not passive can only be used once per thread.

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