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    Ja' Ravel



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    Ja' Ravel

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    My Condolence...

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    The abilities

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    My Condolence, the background makes this website difficult to read...

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    Re: Ja' Ravel

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    Name:Ja' Ravel


    Age:approx 10 in human years


    Class:Custom hybrid of theif and assassin

    Skills:The Seven Abilities...

    1) Dire Ear- to make someone "think" they heard something at a different location than the one who used the spell.

    2) Averted Eyes- total invisibility for only 10 seconds. (and if the person picks something up or walks through a door or physically touches something that is not ground or the clothing the person wears, the spell is broken)

    3) Willow Wisp(sorry if I spelled wrong)- Shows a hint of light from thin air, as strong as a few candles in light.

    1) Fortify Athletics- temporarily increases the ability's speed to run or swim.

    2) Fortify Acrobatics- temporarily increases the ability to jump both higher and longer.

    3) Regeneration- Very slowly but eventually restores a certain amount of hp.

    1) The Unwelcome Guest- unlocks a very low lock level door.

    Loyalty:The Thieves Guild


    General Appearance:4' 7'', Fur color resembles snow tiger, short fur, Saber teeth, bright yellow eyes.

    Clothing:black commoner pants along with black shirt


    Weapons:Iron Dagger

    Items:Book "Honor Among Theives", letter, 500 goldpeices.

    Biography/History:Ja' Ravel's history is murky and clouded with only brief memories of his childhood. What he clearly remembers is that he once served as a librarian's assistant in one of the poorer districts. That librarian was a former member of the Mages guild and retired due to age, and so she taught Ja' Ravel the basics of Illusion and Restoration.

    To him that is where it all truly began...

    As he was first taken from the streets and lived in the library he was fascinated and eager of learning everything possible, the old mage was happy to teach a new mind.

    Ja' Ravel truly loved the stories of the new and old, especially the ones about danger and high risks. But suddenly the librarian never woke up to see a new day.

    He was devastated, and he could not support the whole library by himself. And so the will of the dead mage was followed through. In that will however, Ja' ravel was given five-hundred golden coins, a letter, and one book called "Honor Among Theives".

    He read the letter and the book right after the funeral of his only parent, guardian, and teacher. As he read his letter one thing stuck forever...

    "I indeed was your family for a while Ja' Ravel, but this guild unlike the others are a family in their own right. And that is why as my last bit of guidance I encourage you to find these thieves, for they will treat you better than anyone else, maybe even me."

    And so he took the advice of his mentor and seeks the Thieves Guild not for glory or riches, but rather for his future and his family. Who knows? he just may be the youngest member in all of Cyrodiil...

    Personality:Quite shy towards strangers, although his overall renown is small he has his reputation of deep and unquestioning loyalty and kindness, however he will be firm and determined when he must be.

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    Re: Ja' Ravel

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