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    Isei Fenrir

    Isei Fenrir

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    Isei Fenrir

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    Isei Fenrir



    The Thief



    Night Eye
    Major Wound

    Dark Brotherhood


    General Appearance:
    Isei is small like most Bretons, standing at about 5'8", weighing in at 145 pounds. His skin is slightly tanned, though one could tell he preferred the shadows to the open. His hair and eyes are both dark, and though he is not attractive in a pretty boy way, some people may still think he is.

    When Isei has to go in public, something he is not too fond of, he looks like anyone else. Slightly dressy clothers, a piece of jewelry, things like that. He always has his dagger belted on though.

    Though it is not necerssarily armor, when Isei is traveling in the shadows or in the sanctuary he wears the enchanted Black Hand robe he was given when he became a Speaker.

    Besides Isei's arsenal of spells his main weapon is his enchanted glass dagger, Vampiris. The dagger is enchanted to suck the energy out of one, and give it to Isei. It is an excellent way to get rid of enemies quickly, most the time it drains them so fast they can't even scream. Isei also carries an Elven bow and Elven arrows.

    Isei rarely carries anything on him, as he spends most of his time in the Sanctuary, but when he goes out he carries a cantine and a few health potions.

    Isei was born in Skingrad, to a father of the same name and Malice Fenrir, who were both former Imperial Soldiers, who both had an insatiable bloodlust. As he was young his parents beat him constantly, for no purpose other than to satisfy their cruel appetites for misery and suffering. As he grew up he began to grow slightly insane, not knowing anything besides his current life.

    When he turned 17 his parents had passed out from drinking Skooma, so he took his father's enchanted Glass dagger, VAmpiris, and killed both his parents in their sleep, leaving the house and escaping the city with the blade. He decided to go to Kvatch, and on the way there he found Gottshaw Inn, where he decided to spend the night. During his slumber he felt a hand grasp his night shirt, and he awoke to find a man in a black robe standing over him, a letter in the man’s hand.

    Isei tried to tackle the man, but before he could do anything an invisible force pushed him against the wall. The man stood up and told Isei that he was a Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood, named Vlaise. Isei knew he had nowhere else to turn so he accepted.

    Isei trained constantly when he joined the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood, becoming a master of blade, destruction, and illusion, and increasing through the ranks quickly. One day Vlaise was killed by a group of Imperial Soldiers on his way to arrange a contract. Isei was offered the position and he accpted gladly, and became the Speaker of the Cheydinhal sanctuary.

    Isei has a very strange personality, which is more than a little unnerving. Around his friends he is a kind, light-hearted person, but around people he doesn’t like he often threatens them and sometimes it comes to blows. At taverns he often drinks extreme amounts of ale, but he never talks, and he always maintains a sober look. If someone annoys him he often tells them, “I’ve killed better men than you.” That is normally enough.

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